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Hello I'm Sarah, a professional leadership coach, community/ environment advocate, mother and resident of Venus Bay,.

I am standing for council to be a strong representative voice for our communities. I see exciting times ahead for South Gippsland if we play it smart and work together. 

Many of you know me as Project Lead for Common Ground Venus Bay, but I've been working away on various community projects for six years as a full and part time resident. I bring a fresh perspective to the table.


I love everything about this place, even the hard, messy problems.

We face rapid social, environmental and economic change off the back of fire, flood, storm and pandemic, and at a time when we are tired and distrusting of council. 

Covid has brought a new reality to our region, there is no going back to the old. 

Our volunteers struggle with limited resources to keep visitors, our elderly community, and the environment safe. Many of us are wondering how our already stretched resources and infrastructure will cope when we open up again with even larger numbers.

It's time to address the big challenges so we can grow sustainably and not lose our way of life.


Change can be scary but I believe it offers a unique opportunity. Lets champion a new story that celebrates all that we are: full-timer, part-timer, retiree, farmer, artist, caravan parker, business owner, life-saver, environmentalist and entrepreneur.


I will prioritise and advocate for planning and infrastructure that values our natural assets and supports sustainable growth and development.

We are in the infancy of a housing boom, a demographic shift and the full to part time resident ratio has changed forever. We've lost green corridors and habitat, the landscape is changing fast.

I will be a strong voice for the coastal prom ward, we've felt neglected for too long. 

I know how to advocate within bureaucratic environments and have established relationships with the agencies and organisations who manage this region alongside council 

I bring integrity and accountability, I'm standing for the right reasons.

As a coach, I listen, uncover the real issues and solve problems. 


As a resident, I am passionate about our people and our   environment.

As a councillor, I will be transparent, bring fresh energy and restore trust. 

Elected for the neglected.


Bottom of the ballot. Number ALL the boxes. 

I acknowledge and pay my respects to the Gunaikurnai, the Bunurong and the Boon Wurrung peoples who have significant cultural connection to this place and recognise that they have a unique relationship with the land and water.


Authorised by S.Gilligan, PO Box 457, Tarwin Lower, 3956


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